Employer Profile

Name: Yancey Fleck
Position: Electrical Manager
Company: Ace Instruments
Number of Employees: 70
Number of Internationally-Trained New Canadians: 1

Ace Instruments Ltd. is an electrical company that has been in operation for over 25 years and provides instrumentation and electrical services to a variety of oil companies and engineering firms throughout Northern BC and Alberta. Their in-house services include the repair and calibration of a variety of oilfield equipment, the design and fabrication of metering buildings and skids, the rental of calibration and test equipment, and over the counter sales. The company also maintains and services various installations in BC’s natural gas sector.

Yancey Fleck has been with the company for 17 years and has watched it grow from approximately a dozen employees to 70 today, and expand from 1 location to 3 locations. Yancey has also been in the industry long enough to witness improvements in safety practices and equipment, including Ace becoming a leader in safety and quality when, in 2005, it became the only locally-owned electrical and instrumentation to receive both COR and ISO 9001 certification.

What motivates your organization to hire new Canadians?
In a fluctuating sector, we are motivated to hire new Canadians when the workload does not match our staffing capabilities.

What are some of the greatest benefits in hiring new Canadians?
Some of the benefits in hiring new Canadians who have been living in Canada for awhile includes their knowledge of Canadian codes and programs, and their ability to adapt to the weather conditions.

What skills or occupations, if any, are you having the most trouble staffing in your organization?
The positions that we have trouble staffing the most are journeyman electricians and instrumentation mechanics.

What do you feel are good skills, attitudes and attributes for a new Canadian wanting to work in this sector to possess?
New Canadians who are willing to learn, and who are eager to co-operate in different areas of the business stand to do well at Ace.

What types of orientation or training initiatives do you have to help integrate new Canadians in your organization?
Ace puts each new employee through a company-led orientation and they are then identified as a new worker to the existing employees within the company.

What do you consider to be the greatest barrier(s) when considering a new Canadian for an available position or role?
When we hire people who are new to Canada, and sometimes out of province, they’re sometimes unaware of the long hours and erratic work schedules and the adjustment that is required to work in this sector.