New Canadian Profile

Name: Myles Kelly
Occupation: Industrial Electrician / Instrumentation Mechanic
Employer: Ace Instruments
Birth Country: United Kingdom
Time in Canada: 8 months
Time at Current Job: 9 months

With the United Kingdom as his birth country and Australia as the country where he obtained his initial training, trades qualifications and 20+ years of work experience in several heavy industries, Myles Kelly is truly an internationally trained Canadian worker.

Having always wanted to explore Canada with his wife and family, Myles seized the opportunity to move to the more temperate province of British Columbia and provide his family with an opportunity to enjoy BC’s wide range of seasonal outdoor activities. Myles also credits his wife’s admin savvy and his preemptive acquisition of his Red Seal certification for making their transition easier.

What do you like most about working and living in British Columbia?
My family enjoys having all four seasons. Where we lived in Australia, it was either hot or REALLY hot. We are loving the environment and the outdoor activities. We have also found the people here extremely helpful and friendly and we have made some good friends. The lifestyle is very similar to Australia, so the transition has not been dramatic, especially for our children.

How did you find your current job in the natural gas sector?
I accessed a lot of resources initially. My wife and I searched the government job bank and Indeed for job opportunities. We also accessed the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website and worked through the best pathway to apply for our Visas. The Industry Training Authority (ITA) in Vancouver processed my two trade applications quite quickly and we were able to gain all of the required information and submit my trade applications online. Once the ITA approved my exams, they were helpful in booking them so that I could write two in one week and make travel plans for me and my wife much easier.

Did you experience any challenges when starting your career in BC?
Having already obtained my Red Seal certification prior to arriving removed the stress in having to write those tests. I did have challenges learning the trade terminology differences between Canada and Australia and converting metric cable sizes to American wire gauge.

What advice would you give a new Canadian looking for work in their field in BC’s natural gas sector?
My advice would be to obtain your Red Seal certification prior to submitting your paperwork to obtain a trades visa as you will be required to learn new Code requirements. I purchased Electrical Code books online, and then also purchased the practice exams which helped when I wrote the exams.

What are your thoughts about future opportunities for new Canadians in BC’s natural gas sector?
You need to be prepared for the ups and downs of working in a resource-based industry but I feel that if you are proactive and adaptable worker, the opportunities will present themselves and employers will seek to keep you gainfully employed until the ups come back.