Employer Profile

Name: Dustin Stirling
Position: VP of Operations
Company: Epscan Industries
Number of Employees: 130
Number of Internationally-Trained New Canadians: 2

Epscan has over 35 years experience in oil & gas, mining, pulp, wood and paper industries. Epscan provides industrial electrical and instrumentation construction & maintenance contractor services to production and transmission clients, and supplies turn-around maintenance and shift maintenance at numerous other locations. Epscan is currently in the process of constructing two upstream compressor stations and a hydrocarbon handling hub.

With locations across the province, Epscan has vast experience in the employment of internationally trained new Canadians. Dustin Stirling has been working in this family-owned business for the last 20 years in various capacities, and is currently acting as General Manager for the company.

What are some of the greatest benefits to hiring a new Canadian?
New Canadians come to the task with ambition and a solid work ethic.

What do you feel are good skills, attitudes and attributes for a new Canadian wanting to work in this sector to possess?
It is important that a potential candidate has strong work ethics, a willingness to learn, a good attitude, and that they are punctual. A good grasp of the English language is also important, along with a commitment to adapting to new environments and a preparedness for a shift in cultural perspectives.

What do you consider to be the greatest barrier(s) when considering a new Canadian for an available position or role?
I would consider language issues as being the greatest barrier. We encourage our employees to attend ESL classes at Northern Lights College when needed, and have found this very helpful.

Which skills or occupations, if any, are you having the most trouble staffing in your organization?
At this time, Epscan is struggling to fill our administrative and shop positions.

What motivates your organization to hire new Canadians?
Like many resource-based industries in BC, labour shortages motivate us to hire new Canadians. Over the next few years, we feel that there will be an increased need to tap into this workforce.

In your opinion, what types of services or resources are needed to improve a new Canadian’s performance and job satisfaction?
Once the new Canadian is through the door, integration is key, and I feel that support surrounding integration into their new environment is beneficial for everyone (i.e. occupational health and safety, workplace orientation, language and terminology, etc.). Safety is key, and we are staunch supporters of training and mentorship programmes.