Employer Profile

Name: Clint Martin
Position: Operations Manager
Company: Saundersons Electric Ltd.
Number of Employees: 15
Number of Internationally-Trained New Canadians: 4

Saundersons Electric Ltd. provides electrical construction and maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. The company serves the industry indirectly through providing electrical wiring services for new workshop construction and electrical maintenance for existing workshops.

Operations Manager, Clint, has been with the family-owned company, owned by his son-in-law, Ross, for 11 years. Clint has had a diverse career working many years in industrial and transportation settings, and has extensive experience in sales and marketing. Clint is an ordained clergyman, and has worked as a principal at several private schools, making Clint one of the most well-rounded operations managers out there.

From organizing and supplying living accommodations to providing tools and transportation, Clint’s individual approach to each employee’s unique needs speaks volumes on the value of understanding – and addressing – the challenges facing many new Canadians.

What motivates your organization to hire new Canadians?
New Canadians have solid work ethics and provide a skilled resource pool to train the Canadian apprentices that come out of trade colleges.

What do you feel are good skills, attitudes and attributes for a new Canadian wanting to work in this sector to possess?
New Canadians with positive attitudes, integrity, good work ethic, and highly developed interpersonal skills do well in our business when dealing both with our workers and our customers.

What are some of the greatest benefits to hiring new Canadians?
Accessing the new Canadian talent pool helps us fill job openings that, in the past, may have been open for extended periods of time, and which made it somewhat difficult to accommodate customers.

What do you consider the greatest barrier(s) when considering a new Canadian for an available position or role?
Lately our greatest barrier has been keeping track of the constant changes to immigration regulations.

Which internal activities does your organization engage in to attracted skilled new Canadians?
We advertise our job postings on several online job sites as well as peruse resumes that are posted online.

What types of orientation or training initiatives do you have to help integrate new Canadians in your company?
We have a company orientation and training protocol that we go through with new employees and we encourage the new Canadian workforce to seek local training and certification. We also hold a weekly safety meeting every Monday morning to ensure everyone is up to speed and on the same page. As far as socially, we host employee activities like water sports and barbecue day for employees and their families at the lake and we also host an annual Christmas banquet.

Which skills or occupations are you having the most trouble staffing?
We’re definitely in need of journeyman electricians.