New Canadian Profile

Name: Chris An
Occupation: Journeyman Instrumentation Mechanic
Employer: Epscan Industries
Birth Country: South Korea
Years in Canada: 9
Years at Current Job: 5

After obtaining a degree in a mechanical engineering program in South Korea, Chris sought to apply his acquired skill set in the natural gas sector of BC. Chris is successfully employed in an industry filled with opportunities, and has obtained permanent residency in a country that he is proud to call home.

What inspired you to immigrate to Canada and pursue a career in the natural gas sector?
Canada offers a new life and many opportunities to make decent money. Working in the natural gas sector also made it easier to apply for permanent residency.

Did you have any experience in the natural gas sector before moving to Canada?
I hadn’t worked in natural gas or any related sectors prior to coming here from South Korea. I graduated from university with a mechanical engineering degree and the reason I chose instrumentation was because it is similar to mechanical engineering and is an apprenticeship program.

How did you find your current job in the natural gas sector?
I was hired after I finished the first year of my instrumentation apprenticeship in Fort St. John. Oil and gas are big industries here, and since then I have finished Year 4 of my instrumentation apprenticeship.

What advice would you give a new Canadian looking for work in their field in BC’s natural gas sector?
Find a job that fits. Money isn’t everything and you have to find the right career that works for you.

What are your long-term career goals?
I want to get my electrical journeyman ticket as well so I have two journeyman tickets.