Identifying the gaps in your current workforce, and identifying those you will need in the future is key to finding the right talent.

Skills Checklist

Create a checklist of skills your current workforce possesses:

  • Which skills do my employees possess?
  • Which skills require improvement or refining?
  • Which skills are immediate priorities for my company?
  • Which skills are more of a future requirement for my company?
  • What are the current and anticipated skill gaps that my company is facing?



Company readiness for a diverse workforce isn’t just about making the employment process easy for new hires; it’s about making the process easy for everyone who makes your organization thrive, including your current employees. Preparation is key, and this means that your business has the right policies, procedures and perspectives in place to guide everyone through this process as seamlessly as possible.

Make Sure Your Team is Prepared

  • Does your management team understand how future population growth in BC will be mainly due to new Canadians?
  • Does your management team understand how much businesses will rely on this expanding pool of new Canadian talent going forward?
  • Is your business committed to hiring new Canadians and is there an HR plan in place?
  • Is management aware of the high degree of transferability international skill sets possess within a Canadian context?
  • Does your company have the means and policies in place to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace?
  • Is your hiring team aware of how personal biases and predispositions can affect the interview and hiring process?
  • Are job specifications reviewed routinely, or are they just carried forward from previous hires?
  • Are stated requirements in job descriptions ideal requirements or actual requirements?
  • Is your company aware of strategies for assessing new Canadians specifically?