Connecting to New Canadian Talent

There are plenty of ways employers in the natural gas sector can reach new Canadians, including the job board, which is a great resource that connects Northern BC employers with new Canadian talent. You’ll also find other job boards and a comprehensive list of multicultural organizations and training agencies that can be accessed by BC natural gas sector employers in your area in the CONNECT section of the Ready to Hire Toolkit.

Express Entry Immigration Pathway

Express Entry is a recently implemented immigration system introduced by Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC). Express Entry is an immigration stream geared specifically to attracting foreign skilled workers, allowing BC to select economic immigrants based on provincial labour market & economic development needs. For more information on the Express Entry program and admission criteria,
visit Citizenship & Immigration Canada’s Express Entry webpage.

Finding New Canadian Talent

  • Write job descriptions and advertisements in a barrier-free language to ensure that qualified candidates are not eliminated from your recruitment process. Focus on objective criteria such as education, skills, competencies and experience without making value judgments on the quality of Canadian credentials versus international credentials. Avoid phrases that may lead to subjective interpretation.
  • Market your job openings more directly to skilled new Canadian communities by expanding your list of placements.
  • Tap into your organization’s cultural networks by encouraging new Canadians in your organization to assist you in recruitment activities.
  • Provide an internship opportunity to an internationally trained professional.
  • Conduct mock interviews and/or resume critiques for internationally trained professionals.




A winning team means a winning business, and new Canadian talent is essential to keeping ahead of the competition. Reaching this skilled group of potential team members can often be a challenge, especially in smaller cities.

Recruitment Practices

Expand your recruitment practices and attract new Canadians with the following tactics:

Participate in career fairs, job expos and trade shows in your community

  • Connect with new Canadian serving agencies, faith groups and organizations serving multicultural groups in your community
  • Advertise postings in local ethnic media, including newspapers, local radio stations, local magazines, and online sources
  • Host job postings and recruitment information on your company website
  • Review information intended for new Canadians and ensure it is tailored to them appropriately
  • Post job notices in the Federal Job Bank
  • Use educational programs in your area as platforms to promote your company and recruit new Canadians
  • Take advantage of social media platforms and company blogs as portals to promote job opportunities
  • Connect with local broadcast media affiliates and “tell your story”