You may not have to get a formal assessment of academic credential equivalency depending on the role. In many cases what you’re really looking for is evidence that the candidate has the skills, knowledge, and qualities you need.

International Credentials and Training

Ensure that a new Canadian job seeker’s international credentials and training match the requirements of your company:

  • Focus on skills and abilities, not documented credentials
  • Allow potential employees to demonstrate their skills in the workplace
  • Use the interview process as a means to uncover underlying skills
  • Use a highly recognized credential evaluation service to qualify international credentials
  • Review supporting documentation that is included with the applicant’s resume
  • Request copies of certification or course completion documents
  • Focus on the content, not the style of the resume
  • Determine and assess for the level of language needed to perform the role



Resume Review Centre

Effectively conducting the resume screening process and understanding how to appropriately assess core areas such as language proficiency, academic credentials, professional credentials, and experience is key to good hiring.

IEC-BC has put together a comprehensive resume review centre and full list of resource tools for your organization to more effectively assess potential new Canadian candidates. visit resume review centre


Culturally Competent Screening Tool

Culturally-Competent Screening Tool


Conduct a Culturally Sensitive Job Interview

Assess Skills and Negotiate Competencies


Hiring Assessment Toolkit

This comprehensive guide is useful for oil and gas employers who want to begin incorporating competency-based assessments as part of their own hiring processes with new Canadians, or with candidates from other labour pools. This toolkit helps employers to select and use tools that collect demonstrated evidence from candidates that they have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to work safely and productively.
View Assessment for Hiring and Training